Travel Insurance Tips When Moving To Canada

If you are moving to Canada then travel insurance is an essential part of the move.

Travel insurance in Canada protects you from any accidents that you might face, while also being a requirement for the Canadian IEC (International Experience Canada) visa.

Those that aren’t sure if they need travel insurance when moving to Canada should be aware that you are regularly asked for this when activating your visa. Not having travel insurance in Canada, or not for the full time that you are in the country, will mean a visa may only be granted until the date you have insurance up until.

Consequently, finding the best deal for your Canadian travel insurance is essential, with companies such as World Nomads, being one of the more recommended options that are available.

Choosing the right deal

It can be easy to be baffled by the sheer amount of travel insurance options that are available. Continually ranked as one of the most cost-effective and highly rated insurance companies for Canadian travel insurance are World Nomads.

Take the time to shop around to discover which prices work best for you, though World Nomads are often a top choice, especially for those that are partaking on the Canadian IEC working holiday visa.

Will I be covered under provincial healthcare?

One of the common misconceptions about getting travel insurance is that you only need it until you are covered by your provincial healthcare coverage. While you may be eligible for provincial healthcare after a number of months living or working with that province, the coverage won’t start straight away.

Additionally, you will still need to show proof of your insurance when you are activating your working holiday visa.


How about snow sports coverage?

If you are intending to hit the mountains when you move to Canada, having snow sports coverage is essential. Without opting for snow sports coverage, the vast majority of insurance policies will not have you covered in case of any accidents, which could end up costing a vast sum of money.

It is often worth paying the extra for snow sports coverage, with World Nomads a recommended company to get a quote from.

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