The Best Car Share Deals

Car share deals are one of the best ways to drive on the cheap. There are a number of different car sharing companies that operate in Vancouver. Here are your options for the various different options available.

Option 1: Modo

Modo offers a great way of renting a car, sign up today for a quick and easy car share.

Here is a quick video of how Modo works:

Option 2: car2go

Car2go operates a nifty and useful service that allows you to pick a car up from all over the city. You are charged for the time duration, with the benefit of being able to park the car all across the city.

Check out the video below for more information on car2g0:

Option 3: Evo

Evo is often the best option for those looking for ski and bike friendly cars. With their built-in roof racks, they are popular with the more adventurous drivers, who need their equipment transported with them.

Here is some more information Evo, for those that are interested:

Option 4: Zipcar

Zipcar operates around Vancouver and is another option for car sharing, for those not able or wanting to buy their own vehicle.

Check out the video below for more information on Zipcar:

Additional Consideration: Pop Rideshare

Pop Rideshare is a great way of saving money when you use a car share. Pop allows you to advertise spare seats in your vehicle, which people can then request to book. This can be smartly combined with a car share in order to cut costs and help make it even more cost-effective to use a car share.

Check out the video below on how to post a trip up on Pop Rideshare:

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